Our Heat Reflective Catnip Mat. Beautiful fabrics stuffed with home grown (by us) organic catnip and a heat reflective core- these are favorites among the feline set!!  $20 

We are completely self funded- that means that we raise or provide all of the funds necessary to run our sanctuary and for all of our other rescue work.  We are a registered 501c3 in good standing with the IRS.  We receive matching funds from many area businesses including Microsoft, Boeing, Google, Bank of America, Alaska Airlines, and others.  

Many hands make light work.  That is our fundamental operating principle.  We are limited in the number of cats that we help by two things- money and time.  So, if you find yourself with a little extra time to give, then here are some ways you could help us out:  petting and playing with cats, cleaning, feeding, sewing, working fundraisers, light construction work, gardening, writing, research- good stuff like that.  Shoot us an email if you'd like a good distraction from regular life.  Our cats are pretty entertaining!  

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Just donate $20 via our donation button (paypal) and specify a color and we will send one out to you the next day!