All of our food and supplies come from

The Whole Cat and Kaboodle in Kirkland, WA.  All of our veterinary care is provided by At Home Vet in Woodinville, WA.  


Our mission is to actively care for and educate people about feral cats in the Puget Sound area. 

Our Sanctuary is a beautiful, safe, peaceful place, but it is not necessarily better than a feral cats home on the street.  Relocating a cat should be done ONLY as a last resort.  It is important that we see the world from the perspective of the cat.  If they have a place to get out of the weather, away from danger, a decent food source and access to sunlight, then that is a great place for a cat.  That is their home and it is not for us to say that we know better. The cats that come to live with us need to adjust to a completely different environment.  Cats are not pack animals, and it is asking a lot to make them share space with so many others.  

Our Sanctuary cats are fed the highest quality diet of canned raw and fresh foods, lots of treats, raw goat milk (from Snohomish County), and clean water from our underground spring.  Although the Sanctuary is protected by a chain-link fence, the view is amazing.  Daily visits from horses, birds, rabbits, and the occasional coyote make for exciting kitty entertainment.  A network of rafters make our tree dwellers feel right at home and our shrubs give our bush dwellers a cozy place to feel safe.  Four large cat houses and many smaller cat shelters provide shelter and warmth from the weather.  And our cathedral roof which covers the entire Sanctuary keeps all of our kitties dry year round.  Health is monitored closely and vet care is administered as needed.  

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