Many cats need homes - is it with you?

Foster and Adoption

Feral Care is intended to be a "last stop." Once a cat comes to us, we don't want to uproot them again. Because of that, if there's a cat we think could  have a home, we try to find them one. We have a unique foster and adoption program to facilitate this. We place kitties through a store in the Kirkland Bridal Trails area called The Whole Cat and Kaboodle ( So we are able to take in many cats who would otherwise be deemed “less than ideal candidates for adoption." For example, we are able to take in cats who urinate in inappropriate places, aggressive cats, cats with diabetes, obese cats, FIV+ cats, and many others. Once in the store, the staff works with the cats to get them back into balance.  The other kitties that we place are cats and kittens from feral colonies that come to us from local trappers. This allows the trappers to keep trapping and not be bogged down with doing their own foster care and placement. Through this system, with only 2-6 kennels available for adoptable cats at a time, we're able to adopt out an average of 100 cats per year that would otherwise be in barn homes, euthanized, or brought to sanctuaries like our own. 

We are always looking for foster homes to keep these kitties until a space opens up for them in one of these amazing stores. To foster for The Whole Cat and Kaboodle, please fill out and return this form to 

If you are interested in adopting from us, all of our kitties can be seen on Petfinder at  Go to Feral Care shelter page in zip code 98033, and you can view all of the kitties that we have available for adoption.